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Huong Trang Vegetarian Restaurant In Da Nang

One of Danang’s best vegetarian restaurants, Huong Trang, is a very clean and spacious space. The food is amazing, very fresh, light and healthy.

There were quite a few customers at Huong Trang but the place still felt quiet and calm. The owner told my wife that her aim is to provide healthy vegetarian food without MSG or lots of oils.

Most of the dishes highlight the freshness of the produce without relying of fake meats or heavy deep frying like so many other vegetarian restaurants in Danang. I have been to Huong Trang a few times in past week and am very impressed.

The Vegie My Quang was very light and tasty, all the ingredients were fresh, it tasted so fresh and healthy. My wife and I shared a spicy eggplant dish that was amazing. It was very spicy but I kept going back for more.

The spring rolls were wonderful and the pumpkin is definitely one of my favorites. The owners are friendly and speak English quite well. They produce their own grape juice, peanut oils and a few other healthy ingredients.

I will definitely be back to this place to check out the other dishes on the menu which is quite large. The restaurant is easy to find, on Ong Ich Kiem street, between Huong Vuong and Le Duan, near the Con Market.

Huong Trang Vegetarian Restaurant Danang

237 Ong Ich Kiem Street
511 369 2799

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