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My Quang Restaurant Danang – A Vietnamese Specialty

This My Quang Restaurant Danang is a must visit for any visitor to Danang. I recently had some foreign friends visiting from HCMC and discovered that one of them disliked My Quang, I am in love with My Quang. Aside from banh mi op la, which is available everywhere, My Quang is my number one choice for Vietnamese breakfast and a top choice for lunch too.

Ask any of the locals in Danang where is the best place to go for My Quang in the city and the answer will always be the same, My Quang 1A, 01 Hai Phong Street. This place is always busy which is a good sign and I agree with the locals it serves the best My Quang in town.

There are only three options on the menu, which is on the wall, My Quang Ga (chicken) – 18,000VND, My Quang Tom Thit (shrimp and pork) – 21,000VND or My Quang Dac Biet (special: shrimp and pork with egg) – 23,000VND. My personal favourite is the shrimp and pork and of course I have to sprinkle broken Banh Trang (rice cracker – see pictures) over the top of my My Quang.

All of the My Quang diashes are served with banh trang and salad (lettuce and sprouts) which should be mixed in with the My Quang. Mem (boiled pork wrapped in banana leaf) is served before the main dish and makes a good snack while waiting for the My Quang, it can be spicy sometimes.

Chilli paste and fresh green chillis are available on every table certainly add a lot of extra spice to your meal, eat at own risk. So, if you are visiting Danang or even if you live here I insist that you give My Quang 1A a go, let me know if you can find better tasting My Quang.

My Quang Restaurant Danang

01 Hai Phong Street
Danang, Vietnam

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