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Your Guide To Finding A House For Rent In Danang

So you have decided to move to Danang or you have just arrived. The first thing that you need to do to get started in Danang is find somewhere to live, either temporarily or permanently.

The aim of this page is to point you in the right direction to finding your home in Danang. There is no shortage of accommodation available to foreigners in Danang. Your biggest barrier will be language.

You will need help to find a house for rent.

Unless you are a fluent Vietnamese speaker and understand how things work in Vietnam you will need some one who speaks Vietnamese to help you in the house hunting process.

This could be a Vietnamese friend, colleague or the assistance of a professional real estate service. Whoever you choose to help you, make sure they understand exactly what you are looking for.

It will take time and patience.

The real estate market in Danang doesn’t work the same way it does in western countries, that has both benefits and drawbacks. Most houses are found by word of mouth and most rental contracts aren’t legally binding, they are more like casual agreements.

In order to find a good house with good furniture in a good neighbourhood with a good landlord and local police approval to live in the house, you will need quite a bit of time. It is rare to get all five of those things on your first try.

How to increase your chances of finding a home away from home.

One way to increase your chances of finding a house and reducing the stress that is involved is to use a professional real estate service. A word of warning: some real estate services in Danang are more professional than others.

InDanang.com recommends Central Vietnam Realty as the best real estate service provider to foreigners new to Danang. Piotr, the owner, understands the needs of his foreign clients.

How to avoid wasting your time.

Be very specific with your agent or Vietnamese friend and refuse to see anything that doesn’t meet your requirements. Even after you specify a two bedroom house for under $400, it is likely your agent or friend will show you a 6 bedroom house for $900.

Being picky may mean that it will take a bit longer to find a place but you are less likely to waste time riding all over town looking at unsuitable properties. It is also more likely that you will find a place that meets your requirements.

What to expect from your landlord.

Most rental properties will come fully furnished, that means different things to different people. The house may have just enough furniture to get by or too much furniture as it is also being used as a storage unit for your landlord.

Deposits and advanced rental payments may also differ between landlords. Usually a one month deposit is required along with 1, 3 or 6 months rent up front, this is often negotiable.

How to make things official.

After you have moved into your new house or apartment you will need to be registered with the local police. Your landlord SHOULD do this and it is pretty straightforward. Some landlords don’t register tenants with the police because they don’t want to pay the “foreigner” tax that is required for foreign tenants.

You may need an official document showing your address so that you can get certain other documents. These include but are not limited to a bank account, resident card, work permit, marriage licence and so on.

Good luck in your search for a house for rent in Danang.

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