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Vietnamese Food At Minh Trang Restaurant Da nang

Minh Trang Restaurant is a great place to start the day with delicious Vietnamese food, it is has some of the heartiest and most filling breakfasts in Danang. It could be said that this is a bigger breakfast than the bacon and eggs often associated with a big breakfast. The restaurant serves a variety of Vietnamese food from Vietnamese noodles to spaghetti bolognese or even just the standard bread with eggs.

The reason I frequent Minh Trang so much is for the meat, Bo Ne is basically beefsteak with a small meat ball and a beef pattie with an egg and some onion served on a sizzling hot plate with a baguette (banh my). The beef stew (bo kho) is also very good and cheap, the portion for the stew are smaller than you might find elsewhere, here it is served along with something else and is not a meal in itself.

Minh Trang Restaurant stands out from other places serving Vietnamese food because of it’s wonderfully energetic owner, Miss Van. This woman is a bundle of energy and has the attitude of someone in her twenties rather than someone in her 50s. Miss Van runs aerobics classes along the river at 5am (she is easy to spot, with up to 50 students following her lead) then runs this place until about 11.30. The restaurant staff are super friendly and Miss Van is always keen to have a chat with any foreign customers, any customers for that matter.

So check Minh Trang Restaurant out for very friendly service and wonderful Vietnamese food at cheap Vietnamese prices. The place is small, bustling and very clean, due to its popularity you may have trouble finding a seat.

Minh Trang Restaurant
14 Le Thanh Ton (6am to 11am)

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