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Au Lac Vegetarian Restaurant Danang

Au Lac Vegetarian Restaurant Danang is a little gem and has been around for a few years now. Danang has its fair share of vegetarian restaurants as do most Vietnamese towns due to the majority Buddhist population who are required to consume vegetarian food at certain times of the year or on certain days of the lunar calendar. I think the Au Lac Vegetarian Restaurant Danang is one fo the best veggie places I have ever eaten in, in Vietnam or anywhere else in the world.

The menu is quite limited and I can tell you since I have tried all of the dishes it is hard to pick a favorite, perhaps I would select the Veggie My Quang over the banh beo, the bun noodles are also an excellent choice. As with most other Vietnamese vegetarian restaurants this places has dishes which have meat substitutes, meaning that it looks like meat and somewhat tastes like meat but I assure you it aint meat.

Don’t assume that because a restaurant serves only vegetarian food that all of the food will be healthy. Vietnamese don’t shy away from eating meat for health reasons, it is purely religious, you will find that a lot of the Vietnamese food in Danang and the rest of Vietnam isn’t very healthy. Oil is used a lot as is “bot ngot” msg.

Au Lac Vegetarian Restaurant in Danang stands out mostly due to the fact that it doesn’t feel Vietnamese, it is very bright and open and clean. The first thing I noticed was how clean this place was, it feels so new but has been open for quite a long time. The prices are great between 15,000 and 20,000 VND per dish and the portions are large enough to fill you up.

So, for any vegetarians looking for a filling and tasty veggie treat give this place a try, especially the My Quang. I rate the vegetarian my quang here better than the non-veggie version available at My Quang 1A.

Au Lac Vegetarian Restaurant

162 Nguyen Du street

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