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Cuttlefish Steamed with Ginger

This nutritious and delicious meal combines the sweetness of cuttlefish with pungent taste of ginger. It is very suitable to serve the dish on cold days.

Ingredients:  (serves 4)
– Fresh cuttlefish: 1kg
– Celery and leek: 300g
– Red pepper: 2
– Lemon: 1
–  Seasoning: 2 teaspoons

– Clean the cuttlefish and score its surface with a knife.
– Boiling water in a pot and add a dash of seasoning and crushed ginger. Add and scald the cuttlefish.
– Cut the celery and leek into 8cm pieces and slice ginger. Put the prepared ingredients and cuttlefish onto a plate and steam for ten minutes.
–  Decorate the dish with coriander.
–  Served hot with seasoning mixed with pepper, lemon juice and red pepper or mustard.

Cuttlefish Steamed with Ginger
Cuttlefish Steamed with Ginger

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