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Must-try dishes in Sa Pa

Sa Pa salmon

Must-try dishes in Sa Pa

Thanks to temperate climate, Sa Pa can be rear successfully. Unlike imported salmon, Sa Pa salmon is very fresh with pink color, low-fat and highly nutritious.

Salmon can be cooked into many delicious dishes like: salmon salad, grilled salmon, sashimi, salmon curry soup… However, salmon hot pot is the favorite dish of tourists who came here,

Must-try dishes in Sa Pa

Salmon reared in Sa Pa is mainly rainbow trout. If you want to see how they rear salmon, you can visit Silver Fall.

In the cold of Sa Pa, enjoying a cup of wild apple wine with salmon hot pot is the most unforgettable memory.

Pork meat (caught in hand)

Must-try dishes in Sa Pa

“Caught in hand” is a phrase of an image of Sa Pa people catch pigs in their hands to the market to sell. The buyer will do the same action to bring pigs home.

Pork meat is the special dish of this highland. If you don’t try pork meat, that means you haven’t been in Sa Pa yet.

With many recipes and delicious meat, sipping with some wine will make you fall in love with this dish at very first sight.

Sa Pa grilled food

Must-try dishes in Sa Pa

While sipping and enjoying Sa Pa cuisine, grilled food has bene a familiar “brand” which is very different from the others.

It seems that every dish can be the ingredient of grilled food: from vegetable to egg, meat, fish, bird… What makes Sa Pa grilled food different from other cities is the way of marinating.

Dried meat

Must-try dishes in Sa Pa

The taste of kitchen smoke with careful marination of the local people has made the special taste of Sa Pa dried meat. Dried meat can be made from buffalo, beef, pork…

To make this dish, they choose lean meat then marinate with some kinds of highland vegetable with salt, pepper. Finally, they will hang it at the corner of their kitchens so that this dish can be called smoked meat.

This is the dish that you have to try when visiting Sa Pa. the taste of chewy, spicy and smoke will be a memorable experience.

Wild apple wine

Must-try dishes in Sa Pa

In Sa Pa, wild apple grows by itself in forest, especially on Hoang Lien Son Mount in Sa Pa. this kind of fruit is like a nature gift for H’mong people.

Wild apple is made of the taste forest, a little sour, sweet and acrid. The wild apple will be steeped in a long time to make wine.

Wild apple wine is steeped in big bottle. Its recipe is like steeped plum but with less sugar. Before steeping, we peel and soak in water then dry the wild apple.

At the first time, you will feel that it is just like a common fruit juice. But when you drink more, you can feel the taste of the Northwest forest.

Mustard greens

Sa Pa mustard greens can be cooked in many dishes: fried, boiled, make soup or make hot pot. Usually, you can chop in small pieces, crush some ginger and boil then you will have a delicious bowl of mustard greens soup.

Or you can cook with chopped chicken, but don’t forget to add ginger, salt and fish sauce. The sweet taste of chicken and a little bitter of mustard greens make this dish special.

Mustard greens can also be cooked with beef, especially bacon. The taste of crunchy, chewy of this kind of vegetable with the taste of bacon is the special taste of the highland.

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