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More than 400 tailors in Hoi An so how to chose?

There are many reasons for people to visit Hoi An and for most making tailor made clothes is their list of ‘things to do’ when visiting.
BUT… There are more than 400 tailors and still new ones opening every month so just like getting shoes made, it is a hit or miss.
I have had plenty of occasions of making tailor made clothes so this article will state my recommendations and things to check / ask.

Tailor shops in Hoi An

Every street corners are covered with tailor shops looking presenting themselves in exactly the same ways, the front of the shops often present clothes resembling an Elf tunic from Lord of the rings and a few dresses that was probably high street fashion in the 70’s.

If 90% of these shops removed their shop signage, I think no one could tell the difference. Vietnam is let’s not forget a country of copying; If my neighbor is making good many with his tailor shop business, all I have to do is copy exactly what he does and that will mean I will make just as much… Experience in tailoring naaah not needed.

1# Tailor or showroom?
Around 90% if tailors, I don’t think I am over-exaggerating are not tailors but just show rooms. They have the garments, they will measure up but will outsource to actually do the tailoring part. So that means most of these shops are using exactly the same tailors and most likely sourcing their materials from the same suppliers. So if you are going to use these types of tailors, there is only one factor that is going to differentiate them from competition and that is Price… the rest, same same…

2# Materials
As to be expected, the tailors in town are well equipped when it comes to tissue stocks; they have many types of qualities and that of course will mean you could get a shirt for double the price if chose a high quality tissue.

Whether it is a small tailor or the big ones, I would advise that you do chose the top quality tissues but like shoes with glue instead of stitching, its nice to wear tailor made clothes but its always better if it is made to be warn many times. You will end saving serious money…

3# Allow time
It’s probably something I am going to be repeating a lot on this blog. Tailors in Hoi An provide very ambitious time frames in making the finished product. I advise that you allow at least 2 days from order to finish. There are always some touching up and changes to made once you try to clothes for the first time. Too many times, I see tourists panicking because their clothes are not ready and they have to leave for the next destination.

4# Pajamas and come in please
Like I mentioned for shoes that is a good warning bell for you. Maybe I am a bit picky but its beyond me that someone who is supposed to sell me ‘fashion’, a suit and so on is wearing a Pajama. If you are selling shoes, you should be wearing a good pair the same way that if you are selling clothes, you should be dressed well.

5# Forums, reviews, tripadvisor etc…
There is plenty of information on the internet. On Tripadvisor don’t always look at the ranking but also at the number of reviews. One new shop that has 20 very good reviews vs one that has over a thousand reviews, you will have more change of filtering the biased reviews.

My two top recommendations of tailors in Hoi An are:

BeBe Tailor

bebe-clothshop-tailorWhat I like about BeBe?

1# Good selection of tissue

2# Professional English speaking staff

3# Very good end product

4# Good prices

Address: 11 Hoang Dieu street, Hoi An

Website: http://www.bebetailor.com

ADong Silk

adong_silk More upmarket than BeBe tailor here is what I like about ADong Silk

1# They have garments that others don’t have

2# They are very up to date with current fashion

3# High quality and very professional service

Address: 62 Tran Hung Dao street, Hoi An

Website: http://www.adongsilk.com

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