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Villagecraft Planet – A new take on the work of ethnic minoritiesSHOPPING IN HOI AN – a guide from a local expat


Villagecraft planet: A new take on the work of Ethnic minorities

Villagecraft Planet hemp field

Villagecraft planet is a great little outlet in Hoi An that deserves a visit. The owners a Canadian man and his Vietnamese wife have long felt inspired with the methods of embroidery of the ethnic minorities in the North of Vietnam but also the use of Hemp as fabric in the creation of their products.

You may not be too familiar with Hemp has it is actually illegal in many countries in the world to grow it as it is classified as Marijuana. It needs a fraction of the land needed to grow cotton and 50% less water…. and its more resistant!

Villagecraft Planet Hoa Binh indigo stencilling with bees  wax

The Ethnic minorities in the North, in occurrence Sapa still use hemp to make garments and use the natural indigo plant to color the garments.

After several trips up North meeting the minorities, the owners built strong friendships with the makers of these beautiful traditional gaments, and they decided to work with the Hmong of Ha Giang (Hemp and embroideries), Sapa (Indigo), Cao Bang, Hoa Binh (LoLo people) and Nghe An (Black Thai minorities) to create a fusion between the very colorful traditional garments and Huong’s own vision in making more contemporary designs, blending the colors, tones and shapes in different ways.

Most of the items have symbols with meanings of life, family and properity.

At Villagecraft planet, you will find some beautiful clothing, table runners, bags, home decor items and more, all very original, hybrid designs inspired by Ms. Huong (the owner) and Ms. Ha Giang (the maker)


Address: 37 Phan Boi Chau

Website: www.villagecraftplanet.com

Facebook page: www.facebook.com/villagecraftplanet

Photos of villagecraft creations:

Villagecraft Planet midnight hot place mat Villagecraft Planet indigo fabrics Villagecraft Planet hemp and indigo men and woman Villagecraft Planet indigo roll Villagecraft Planet upcycled mini-skirt and shirt Village Craft Planet

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