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Affordable and nice hotels in Beijing

Travelling in Beijing with a limited budget, you can choose affordable and nice hotels in the city. In general, price of the hotels in Beijing is cheaper than countries in Asia. Therefore, you can definitly still in choosing nice hotels with the best price. 

Hotel Kapol Wangfujing ( 4- star, 89 rooms )

Add: 16 Donghuamen Street Dongcheng, Wangfuijing st, Beijing 

The cheapest price: 98.32$

Cre: dulich9.com
Cre: dulich9.com

Hotel Kapok Wangfuijing locates on Wangfuijing City and Forbidden city which is very convenient for shopping, visiting and enjoying foods in restaurants. From the 4-star hotel in Beijing, it is very easy to transfer to famous destinations like East Tiananmen subway station, Wangfujing shopping centre and Tiananmen, Forbidden City. 

The hotel is designed and decorated elegantly and luxuriously with wonderful garden. Room system is equipped with modern and luxury facilities.

Besides, the hotel also offer other services like gym centre, jacuzzi, wine bar, dance room, karaoke, spa and massage service. Tourists will be enjoyed Asia and Western foods at Xiang Jian Ba Bar and Restaurant. 

Inner Mongolia Grand Hotel ( 5-star, 339 rooms )

Add: No. 2, Chong Wen Men Nei Street, Dong Cheng District, Wangfujing City & Frobidden City, Beijing 

The cheapest price: 93.89US$

Cre: dulich9.com
Cre: dulich9.com

Inner Mongolia Grand Hotel is the locates on Wangfujing City & Frobidden City, far 400m from Beijing Subway Station and far 3km from Tiananmen Square and very close to famous destinations like Chang’an Grand Opera House, Dahua Cinema, etc. 

All rooms of the hotel are equipped modern facilities, designed luxuriously and elegantl, having minibar, coffee shop, etc. Besides, tourists also enjoy wonderful services like exercise room, spa and massage room, etc. which brings comfortable and relaxable moments for tourists. 

The restaurant also serves Mongolia foods and traditional foods of China in Imperial Restaurant. Moreover, Mana Western Restaurant also serves China and Western foods. 

Jingtailong International Hotel ( 4-star, 305 rooms ) 

Add: NO.19 Zhushikou East Street, Dongcheng District, Qianmen & Sky Temple, Beijing 

The cheapest price: 74.64US$ 

Cre: dulich9.com
Cre: dulich9.com

Jingtailong International Hotel is one of the best 4-star hotels in Beijing with 4-star standard. The hotl has convenient location for shopping, sightseeing and enjoying foods in restaurant. The hotel is very close to Dazhalan walking street, underground city, Qianmen Dajie and Qian Men shopping mall. 

Jingtailong International Hotel has 305 rooms equipped by modern facilities. Besides, tourists will be enjoyed wonderful healthy services. 

161 Hotel ( 3-star hotel, 46 rooms ) 

Add: No. 161, Li Shi Hu Tong, Dong Si Nan Da Jie, Dongcheng District, Wangfujing City & Frobidden City, Beijing.

The cheapest price: 43.78US$

Cre: dulich9.com
Cre: dulich9.com

161 Hotel is 3-star hotel in Beijing, locating on Wangfujing City & Frobidden City, far 10 walking minutes from Tianamen Square and Jingshan Park, Wangfujing shopping centre. With the convenient location location, you can easily transfer to famous tourist attractions in the city. 

The hotel has 46 rooms designed simply with simple and elegant furniture and equipped modern facilities. Besides, the hotel also offers wonderful services. 

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