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Luxury and famous hotels in Kyoto

Cre: dulich9.com
Cre: dulich9.com

Kyoto ancient capital is the most wonderful city in the world with perfect connection between modern and classic beauty with bustling shopping roads. You are planning for your Kyoto trip,but don’t know which hotel is good? 

Add: Kamogawa Nijo-Ohashi Hotori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto centre, Kyoto, Japan 

The cheapest price: 796.39US$

Cre: dulich9.com
Cre: dulich9.com

The Ritz- Carlton Kyoto is 5-star luxury hotel in Kyoto which is wonderful choice for sightseeing, cuisine and shopping of tourists. The Ritz- Carlton Kyoto locates along Kamogawa River with city view. The hotel is far 3-walking minutes from Kyoto Shiyakushomae subway station. And from the hotel, you only need 10 minutes by subway to go to JR Kyoto station, 3 minutes from Nijo- jo castle, 1km from International Manga Museum, 12 walking minutes from Nishiki cuisine market and 10 walking minutes from Shinkyogoku road. 

As a famous hotel in Kyoto, The Ritz- Carlton Kyoto serves high standard services. All rooms are designed elegantly and luxuriously but traditionally. Each room is equipped TV, Blu- ray, Nespresso coffee machine. 

Besides, the 5-star hotel in Kyoto also serves wonderful services like using free indoor swimming pool, free wifi in campus, relaxing with massage and spa service, etc. 

The restaurant also serves famous Italy foods in the world or elegant foods of Japan like Sushi at Mizuki restaurant, kaiseki Japan, Pierre Herme Paris restaurant with famous France foods.

Hotel in The Green 

Add: Fushimi-ku Takedanishi Koyanouchi-cho 1, Nam Kyoto, Kyoto, Japan 

The cheapest price: 491.56US$

Cre: dulich9.com
Cre: dulich9.com

c has a convenient location which is far 1km from Takeda station, 2.9km from Fushimi Inari temple, 3.8km from Kyoto Isetan, 3.8km from Kyoto City Tourist Information Centre. The convenient location is suitable for exploring culture and sightseeing with famous destinations of the city. 

Hotel In The Green is one of the most ideal stops in the pretty ancient capital. The hotel always focuses on serving the most perfect service to satisfy all demand of tourists. With luxury and elegant furniture, all equippments in the room are very full and modern. 

Kizashi the Suite 

Add: 275-3F Gionmachi Kitagawa, Higashiyama-ku, Higashiyama, Kyoto, Japan 

The cheapest price: 472.38US$

Cre: dulich9.com
Cre: dulich9.com

Kizashi the Suite hotel has a suitable location for transfering to favourite destinations in the area like Gion District road, Takashimaya, Kawaramachi shopping mall, Issian Pontocho Restaurant, Yasaka temple, Minami-za opera house. 

Staying in Kazishi the Suite hotel, tourists will be enjoyed wonderful services with modern rooms like spa tub, smoking room, air-con, etc. Besides, the hotel also serves wonderful services to bring relaxable moments for tourists. 

Ryokan Inn Yoshida-sanso 

Add: Sakyoku Yoshida Shimooji-Cho 59-1, Higashiyama, Kyoto, Japan.

The cheapest price: 416,80US$

Cre: dulich9.com
Cre: dulich9.com

Ryokan Inn Yoshida-sanso locates at Sakyoku Yoshida Shimooji- cho 59-1, Higashiyama, Kyoto. As a good- service hotel in Kyoto, Ryokan Inn Yoshida- sanso is suitable for sightseeing, exploring culture and enjoying foods. From the hotel, you can easily transfer to famous places of the city as Kyoto Royal palace, Heian Temple, Kiyomizu temple, Kyoto university. 

If you are wondering how to choose a good hotel for your trip in Kyoto with a reasonable price and luxury facilities, Ryokan Inn Yoshida-sanso is an ideal choice for you. The hotel is designed with ancient and classic style of Kyoto with green and fresh atmosphere. 

Hyatt Regency Kyoto Hotel 

Add: 644-2 Sanjusangendo-mawari, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto Station, Kyoto, Japan. 

The cheapest price: 325.46$ 

Cre: dulich9.com
Cre: dulich9.com

Hyatt Regency Kyoto Hotel locates at Kyoto station, Hyatt Regency Kyoto Hotel which is perfect to feel Kyoto and around. From the hotel, tourists can easily transfer to famous tourist attractions of the city as: Kyoto Museum, Sanjusangendo temple, Kiyomizu temple and Kyoto tower. 

Hyatt Regency Kyoto Hotel has 189 rooms equipped luxury facilities like free wifi, 24 hours services, DVD, minibar, etc. 

Besides, the hotel also serves other services for tourists like massage, spa at Riraku Spa. 

The hotel also has 3 restaurants to serve France foods, Italy foods, cake bakery and bar. Hyatt Regency Kyoto Hotel is a wonderful choice for tourists who loves cuisine, culture and temple.

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