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Nice and beautiful hotel in Nagano, Japan

Autumn and winter are the best time to travel at “the roof of Japan”, Nagano. If you go in autumn, tourists will be contemplated magnificent red leaves forest and in winter,you can see amazing white snow. And the most important factor for your trip is hotel. Which one we should choose in Nagano, Japan? 

Karuizawa Prince Hotel 

The cheapest price: 226$

Cre: dulich9.com
Cre: dulich9.com

Karuizawa Prince Hotel is one of the most modern hotels in Nagano with convienient facilities, hot spring and the most delicious foods in Japan. In spring season, the hotel will be surrounded by fresh green color of tree, in autumn, the city will be wallow into charming red color of forests and white snow will be cover the city in winter. Especially, scenery has not only forest but also big lake making perfect address to stay for you when travelling in Japan. 

The 4-star hotel not only has modern rooms like other hotel but also bring unique wooden villas for tourists. All rooms and villas are very nice, clean and modern, and especially having view to lake and forest. 

Besides basic standards of 4-star hotel, Karuizawa Prince Hotel has hot spring and private skiing filed. Tourists can rent tools and enjoy the wonderful service with a cheap price. Besides, tourists can play tennis, bowling, golf or relax with spa and massage services. 

APA Hotel Karuizawa Ekimae Karuiwaso hotel 

The cheapest price: 83$

Cre: dulich9.com
Cre: dulich9.com

122 rooms of the hotel are not only warm and clean with carpet and furniture by wood but also equipped by modern facilities. 

The 3-star hotel brings various choices for tourists with over 10 kinds of room. Depending on budget and demand of tourists, they can choose a suitable one. 

Tourists will be enjoyed experiences in the hotel like skiing, hot spring, spa- massage, trekking, etc, 

Shiki Restaurant of the hotel is always willing to serve famous and delicious foods of Nagano and Japan. The speciality of foods in the hotel is cooked from fresh and safe ingredients. 

Yudanaka Tawaraya Roykan hotel 

The cheapest price: 126$

Cre: dulich9.com
Cre: dulich9.com

Yudanaka Tawaraya Roykan hotel is designed with traditional style of Japan, so all rooms is equipped by tatami mattress and futon bed. Besides modern services with 4-star standard, the unique and famous traditional hotel also serves traditional and colorful Yukata clothings for tourists. 

The especiality of the hotel is all rooms has private WC but don’t have bathroom. Tourists have to use public bathroom, a tradition of Japanese. 

Hot springs outside is the most favourite service in the hotel. Especially, because the hotel is only 5-walking minutes from the park, in snow day, tourists have to share the hot spring with snow monkey. This is an interesting experiences for tourists in the hotel.

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