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[Video] This Majestic Montage of Vietnam’s Landscapes Might Make You Weep

Just the right amount of moving music and majestic shots of nature to make your day better.

It’s pretty easy to come across nicely shot drone footage these days due to the rising popularity of these gadgets among videographers. However, at times, the resulting montages can be monotonous due to their repetitive nature. Luckily, such is not the case with filmmaker Thang Soi’s latest video, Vietnam From Above II, which is eight minutes of pure aerial goodness.

Thang was also the creative mind behind the first episode of Vietnam From Above, released last year to a warm reception from local netizens. The crucial factor that makes the video special is the apt soundtrack – Ryan Taubert’s ‘Becoming Human’ – to bolster the emotional effect of the bird’s-eye view montage.

From the hustle and bustle of local fishing communities in the morning to rivers, islands and terraced fields, every locality featured in the clip seems to take on a cinematic quality as the background music goes on.

Have a peek at Thang Soi’s ode to Vietnam’s beauty below:

[Video via Vimeo user Thắng Sói]

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