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Merry christmas & Happy new year

If you’re dreaming of a white Christmas, Nha Trang might not be the right choice but if white sandy beaches are what you’re after, you are certainly in luck. Anyone looking to celebrate Christmas and New Years in Vietnam will have numerous great options to choose from. Although a predominately Buddhist country, there is a large Christian population thriving in Vietnam and the traditions of Christianity, specifically Christmas have continued to grow in popularity over the years. Christmas in Vietnam, like elsewhere in the world is a time for family, and although not quite to the importance of Lunar New Year, Christmas still does provide an opportunity for families to get together and enjoy each other’s company. Children often receive gifts from a gracious spirit, however traditions have been changed in Vietnamese culture a bit as one can often see children instead of older and larger adults dressed up as Santa Clause! The translation is not completely lost however for on Christmas Eve, the beautiful churches of Nha Trang, and in particular Nha Trang Cathedral will host Midnight Masses for the many spectators of the city with a procession and full nativity scene complete with all the familiar characters.

Christmas truly is a magical time of the year and there’s no better place to enjoy it than in a magical setting like Nha Trang. Although a tropical, tourist destination, during Christmas season, Nha Trang will have delightful glimmering decorations throughout the city reminiscent of a winter wonderland. Christmas trees lit up with the traditional festive colours will be seen throughout the streets, luxurious international hotels and shopping destinations. The beach will be in full swing as people enjoy their time relaxing to the soft sounds of the rolling waves. Festive warmth and the sun-kissed glow is surely a nice alternative to the ice-covered streets and frost-bitten noses which transform all those unfortunate to be in northern climates into red-nosed reindeers.

Christmas time is also a great time for sharing delicious feasts with friends and loved ones and as always, Nha Trang has a wide selection of tasty and diverse international cuisine. All of the hotels and restaurants will be inviting guests to indulge in their carefully chosen holiday menus. Christmas Eve is often more celebrated in Vietnam than Christmas Day itself and Christmas Eve brunch and dinner will be offered at all the five-star hotels including InterContinental, Novotel and Sheraton with all the expected bells and whistles. Be sure to fill up your hearts and bellies with all the offerings Nha Trang is famous for.

December is surely the most festive month of the year as just around the corner from Christmas is of course New Year’s Eve. With parties erupting across the many beach-front and rooftop bars and clubs, ringing in 2018 – the ‘Year of the Dog’ in this stunning city will surely be a celebration to remember. As always live performances will be held in the main square on Tran Phu Street as thousands of families, couples and party-goers from across Vietnam flock to the number one tourist destination in Vietnam to partake in the vibrant festivities.

The lively atmosphere of Nha Trang has long proven itself to be a more than suitable choice to end the year with a bang. Fireworks, live music, skilled dancers, fire shows, and beach parties, all help make for a truly remarkable closing of a year that won’t soon be forgotten. In short, celebrating the holiday season in Nha Trang is not your typical December. It is a harmonious, multicultural celebration of all that we share with family and friends made along the way.


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