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Hanoia brings nature into your home with the launch of Exotic line

Several years ago, Elizabeth de Roquefeuil, Art Director of Hanoia haute lacquer house, arrived in Hanoi. She was immediately impressed by the romantic bamboo bird cages hanging along the streets.

Elizabeth quickly noticed the people’s passion for aviculture, the important role of birds in Vietnamese culture and a wonderful world of 850 bird species across the country.


Exotic lacquer line: A lush garden filled with vivid colors. Photo courtesy of Hanoia

Since then, Elizabeth has been dreaming of a lush garden filled with vivid birds. Together with her design team, the artist has spent time capturing the beauty of the various bird species, from their colorful feathers to the sharpness of their eyes, in Exotic, part of the 2018 Art of Living collection by Hanoia.

Exotic is enchanting with its signature fading effect, which blends a pair of colors harmoniously to generate a sunset or ocean-blue effect. Like every product from Hanoia, the lacquer line is hand-painted with meticulous care by Hanoia’s craftsmen. The base design is stenciled in and the details take hours to revive the spirit of stunning birds on the convex surface.


The trademark fading effect featured in Exotic. Photo courtesy of Hanoia

The Exotic line is being launched to celebrate the opening of the new Hanoia Boutique at the Luxury Shopping Arcade in the Sofitel Metropole Hanoi, 56 Ly Thai To Street, adding one more venue for lovers of Hanoia’s haute lacquerware in Hanoi.

Where to buy: 

Hanoia Metropole – 56 Ly Thai To, Hanoi

Heritage House – 38 Hang Dao, Hanoi

Ao Dai House – 107 Dong Khoi, Ho Chi Minh city

Website: www.hanoia.com

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