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Introducing Noi, a Live Music Project by Saigoneer and Digipost

There’s little doubt that here at Saigoneer, we’re big fans of Vietnam’s indie acts; just see how we geeked out over Ca Hoi Hoang almost a year ago.

If you also have a tendency to fawn over the sick guitar licks, raspy voices and earnest lyrics of the Vietnamese indie scene, you’ll be excited to learn about a music project that we’ve been secretly putting together for the last few months: nổi.

A collaborative project between Saigoneer and our friends over at production studio Digipost, nổi was born from our mutual appreciation for Vietnam’s budding artists. The project’s name, nổi, is taken from the Vietnamese word “nổi tiếng,” or famous.

Through nổi, we seek to provide a platform for a handful of Vietnamese singers, songwriters, and everything in between – whom we’ve come to love and admire over the years – to bring their creative work to a larger audience.

Moving forward, we’ll introduce two musical acts per month through our and Digipost’s Facebook channels. During Nổi sessions, the featured artist will perform two songs, along with taking part in a short interview so that you can get to know them better. At the moment, Saigoneer is keeping a lid on whom we’re featuring, but have a glimpse at the teaser below and see if you can spot any familiar faces:

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