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[Photos] Walk Down the Streets of Saigon in 1969

How often are we treated to the spectacle that is 1969 Saigon and Vietnam from above?

This collection of old film photos of Vietnam was taken by American John Rellis, giving us a peek of Saigon’s street life in the late 1960s. In his shots, the city deviate from our impression of the local metropolis today as a bustling town filled to brim with activity and people. Quaint neighborhoods and empty intersections conjure up an image of a sleepier Saigon under muted tones and grainy appearance.

Apart from street photography in Saigon, Rellis also took his trusty camera with him on helicopter rides, resulted in some precious captures of the city as well as other localities like Da Nang, Bien Hoa.

See what Vietnam was like in 1969 below:

[Photos via Flickr user manhhai]

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