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Hindu festival showers Hanoi with color

Locals and foreigners went wild with powder paint during the Indian
spring festival of colors, Holi.

West Lake Park, an iconic destination for swimming and water sports in Hanoi, looks radiant on Sunday as thousands of people celebrate the paint-slinging Hindu festival of Holi.

It is believed that the more colors you get on your clothes, face and body, the more luck you will receive. Normally, the festival is held on the full-moon of the month of Phalguna, a month on the Hindu calendar that corresponds with February-March.

The participants gave the festival a multicultural feel in Hanoi on Sunday.

Another meaning of this spring festival is honoring freedom and equality, because nobody is exempt from a showering of powder paint.

The powder used for this festival comes from trees and flowers, according to the Indian Business Chamber in Vietnam (InCham).

People dance under colorful rain and bubbles.

It might take a while for this man to get the paint out of his hair, but it looks like the fun he is having means a lot more than that.

Is this Tinker Bell with her fairy dust?

Who needs a kiss in the rain when you can have it in a shower of colors.

This little girl looks pretty stunned by the show.

Indian women pose for a photo at their national festival.

You have been warned! There’s plenty more where that came from!

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