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[Video] BuzzFeed Employees Try Vietnamese Noodles, Choke, Cry, Make Disgusting Pho Puns

Another day, another BuzzFeed-branded “Americans Try…” video.

From the all too common phở bowl to mì quảng to bánh canh, Vietnamese noodles are delicious and diverse. A recent BuzzFeed video below captures Americans as they make their way through some of the staples of Vietnamese noodle dishes, sprinkling the session with a heavy dose of cringe-worthy puns.

BuzzFeed selects only three dishes this time to feature on the table, including phở, bún thịt nướng and bún bò huế. The selection is rather modest considering the vast array of noodle dishes in Vietnamese cuisine. Nonetheless, it is a step forward from a monolithic representation of Vietnamese noodle dishes.

The folks at BuzzFeed enjoyed their phở and bún thịt nướng treats. As always, fish sauce never fails to impress. One employee was terrified by the sight of shrimp paste, and some were taken aback by bún bò huế‘s spiciness. Last but not least, one guy failed how to eat noodles properly and got a piece of one into (and out of) his nose. We’re not if that’s more grotesque than the puns they subjected viewers to.

Take a look at the video below:

Video via YouTube channel BuzzFeedVideo.

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