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Letter from the editor | What’s on Nha Trang

Summertime is upon us here in Nha Trang and as always, the living is easy. The vibrant atmosphere of the city is on full display. Sunshine, cool breezes, and gentle rolling waves set the tone for the coming months in Vietnam’s tourism mecca and there’s no better place to be. Schools are closing their doors for the holidays and students are tearfully saying goodbye to familiar faces while the rest of the city fills with friendly and excited newcomers. All along the coastline, the beautiful Hoa Phuong tree is in bloom and its unique and breathtaking crimson appearance creates an impressive eye-catching aesthetic set against the sunlit sapphire sea and sky. The beaches are filled with all walks of life catching some sunrays and splashing around enjoying the crisp, clear water. Perfect for scuba diving adventures offered by the reputable and world-class companies found across the city, the calm clarity of the

ocean at this time is certainly a perfect time for exploration. Nha Trang is home to a wide variety of truly special individuals and each plays an important role in the city’s charm. No matter how much time one spends here, there is always something new to discover. In this issue we discuss the history of Nha Trang and some characters that helped define it. We also look at exciting new developments, benefits of scuba diving and ways that ex-pats cannot only live comfortably but thrive in this city by the sea. Our goal, always is to convey with our readers, insights into the city we care so much about. With the hope that you may share our sentiments and experience all that this great city has to offer. We truly hope that you take a copy, share with a friend, and indulge in the wonder and excitement of Nha Trang.


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