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5 benefits of scuba diving

Reason #1 Physical fitness: People don’t often consider exercise a priority when they take a holiday. With all the delicious food and beautiful beaches in Nha Trang it is easy to forget the importance of a balanced lifestyle. But looking at the bodies of Olympic swimmers will convince anyone that swimming is one of the healthiest exercises a person can do. The benefits are particularly strong in the areas of aerobic and anaerobic fitness. This sport provides both a cardiovascular and a muscular workout as it gets us to move our bodies against the natural pressure of the water. The great part of this is the fact that there is little to no strain on our joints which means we can exercise with little risk of injury.

Reason #2 Relaxation: As anyone who practices meditation can tell you: Deep breathing is one of the most effective ways for relaxation. How does this connect to scuba diving? Well, before you make your first dive, you will be taught the correct method for breathing when underwater. Slow, deep breathing is very important when scuba diving to optimize air consumption. The breathing techniques are similar to those of meditation and the outcome of these deep, steady breathing is a calm attitude and a reduction of stress.

In terms of physiology, these breathing techniques also result in significantly reduced risks of lung-expansion injury and an increase in lung capacity.

Reason #3 Socializing: A scuba diving excursion is an excellent way to make new friends. Nha Trang is a destination that attracts visitors from around the world but it is not uncommon for people to come for a holiday to stay inside their own little bubble. This can be a missed opportunity to make some lifelong friends. When you go on a scuba diving excursion you get the chance to meet likeminded people who are equally adventurous and curious as you as you share a unique and unforgettable experience together. It’s easy to make friends among divers and there is a strong sense of community to be found among them.

Reason #4 Education: Everyone knows that we need to take better care of our planet but we don’t always understand exactly what is at risk. When you go scuba diving you come face to face with some of the most precious and rare marine life on the planet. Watching as schools of colorful fish swim by helps you understand just how incredible this planet is and you really begin to appreciate the ocean

more and the importance of keeping it clean and protected. Many people who go scuba diving will find the experience very educational because they will leave understanding better what fragile underwater habitats and sea life is. They will also get to discover incredible things that most people will never get to see.

Reason #5 Adventure: The fifth reason is probably the most obvious. The whole experience of doing scuba diving is exciting and an adventure you won’t forget. In fact there’s a good chance that you will be talking about it for years to come – if you don’t get hooked. Think about it: You take a boat out into the middle of the sea and they exploring an amazing part of the planet that few people get to see in their lifetimes. You might see shipwrecks, coral reefs, and incredible sea life. People might be envious hearing about how you had the courage to put on a wetsuit and an oxygen tank and jump into the sea. You’ll even be able to have photos that you can share.

So make the most of your time in Nha Trang. Do something that is good for you on so many levels. Sign up for a scuba diving excursion and take the plunge!


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