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Costa seafood

One of the most important factors which should be taken into consideration when taking a holiday, is good food. Costa seafood invites you to a luxurious 5***** star fine dining experience.

Costa seafood is dedicated to providing supreme service, preferred gourmet meals and an experience you will never forget. The freshest high-quality fish cooked into a blend of magical flavor’s. The wide ranged menu challenges all different types of taste buds.

Apart from the alluring view of the ocean, the food will keep you dreaming for a while. For example, the crab meat salad for an appetizer is the perfect way to welcome your palate to a whole new world. Try Costa Seafood’s specialty dishes like the Braised Australian Abalone with Chinese Mushroom or Costa’s Baked Lobster with cream and cheese.

Expect to be spoiled for choice to some of the world’s greatest seafood delicacies. For those who aren’t seafood fans, try Costa’s tantalizing pork, beef and chicken dishes. A variety of cultural cuisines are combined to host people from all over the world.

Decadent Lobsters, Life changing tiger prawns Fresh luscious crab, oysters, shrimp and many more are marinated with rich flavor’s. Each meal is planned and executed to help your mind cross off fine dining from your bucket list.

Costa Seafood has a reputable name and holds up to those standards. By providing constant quality enjoyable experiences, Costa promises to tickle your taste buds like never before. Situated on busy Tran Phu Street, you can relax dazing at the view of the ocean. Visit Costa Seafood today, because everyone deserves a taste of royalty.

A: 32-34 Tran Phu St.

T: 0258 3737 777

H: (+84) 902 15 1717

W: costaseafood.com.vn


inVietnam Viet Nam Travel Guide App

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