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[Video] Short Film Captures the Diversity of Vietnamese From All Walks of Life

A Journey Through the People of Vietnam depicts the candid moments of a wide range of the everyday lives of Vietnamese across the country.

Man reading newspaper in the park? Check. An entire family riding a single motorbike? Check. Shirtless workers cheering cans of beer beside their fishing boat after a long day on the water? Check. Nimble-fingered tailors? Schoolboy tearing into a packet of chips? Fried rice flipping in a scalding wok? Check. Check. Check. The gorgeously shot video cobbles together quintessential daily activities to give an accurate depiction of Vietnamese life.

Portuguese filmmaker Ze Pedro Abreu shot the film while on a north-to-south trip that he described as “off the beaten path” to present the “astonishingly exotic and utterly compelling” country. Set to Tall Heights’ hipster falsetto music, its tone remains upbeat with a hint of melancholy thanks to the transient nature of each scene.

Hit play below to relish in the quotidian activities that constitute life in cities and villages for the young and old:

Video via Vimeo user Zé Pedro Abreu.

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