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Letter from the editor | What’s on Nha Trang

Welcome to Nha Trang, a city in a state of extraordinary development. If you are a return visitor, then the changes will be obvious to you. If it is your first time, the plethora of cranes and construction are clear evidence as to the cities future. You would have seen the “strip” of fabulous 5 star resorts when you left the new airport. These include some of the best of their kind in the entire SE Asia region. To the west of here is a brand new international standard golf course and a large area for future housing and service industry. Then, as you move into Nha Trang itself there is a huge area of 186 ha that was once the old airport. It is now well on the way to being a properly planned and laid out extension to the city with the residential, financial and entertainment sectors being the principal land use.

In the tourist hub itself we see hotels popping up everywhere, their owners set up to tap into the forecast tourist boom expected in the near future. The questions on everyone’s lips are, of course: “Where are these people coming from and how can the city cope with them?” The answer to the first question is essentially, the

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new airport. The just completed 1st stage will deliver an extra 1 million visitors a year, the 2nd, 4 million and the 3rd and final stage, due by 2030 up to 8 million per annum. With a new and longer runway the airport can handle the largest of passenger jets and new direct international flights from major centers are being scheduled every month. We look at the new Cam Ranh airport in depth in this issue. To cope with demand, the government has been working at big infrastructure programs, with new sewerage, water and power supply, drainage, roadworks and housing projects all implemented in recent times.

Nha Trang is no longer the sleepy little village of 20 years ago. It has arrived on the ‘scene’ with a bang and is now one of the region’s leading tourist destinations! But the main attractions remain the same. The bay, its islands and great diving, the countryside and the innate warmth of the local people are forever the essence of this great city. Enjoy your stay and take advantage of everything it has to offer. It is a great place!


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