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Shiva Shakti | What’s on Nha Trang

When one thinks of great Asian cuisines, Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese and Indian always come to mind. Nha Trang is fortunate to have all these readily available and now a new Indian restaurant is on the scene, Shiva Shakti at 59 Tue Tinh St., and it is good!

Featuring both north and south Indian dishes, it is lucky to have Nepalese/Indian chef, Mr. Pomraj Kharel as its driving force and he offers a wide range of meals including chicken, lamb, seafood and vegetarian.

A recent Australian visitor, Mr. Reg Wilson, who has lived in India was most impressed with the quality and authenticity of the cuisine. He was fullsome in his praise and regarded this restaurant as good as any he has dined in. Good praise indeed!

Their signature dishes are the Vegetarian Makhani Daal and the Shiva Shakti Fish Masala. Breads are always a feature of Indian dining and they have some great examples, such as their No.1 best seller, Garlic Naan and the Peshwari Naan, stuffed with cottage cheese, nuts and raisins. Also worth trying are their Pineapple and Mango curries which are fantastic!

The breads are actually worth a special mention on their own. They are so much bigger than one might expect and one is often enough to share between 2 people. That, and the fact they are delicious makes them a must have when dining at Shiva Shakti.

The staff are friendly and attentive and they are always ready with a laugh and a smile.

They are located close to the tourist hub and if you are looking for a great curry, then this is the place for you. It really is excellent.

A: 59 Tue Tinh St. T: 0258 3522 178


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