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Lanterns, lanterns everywhere on a Saigon street

A Saigon street’s crowded these days with people buying and/or taking photos of colorful lanterns for the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Every year, as the Mid-Autumn Festival nears, the Luong Nhu Hoc Street in District 5 turns into a lantern market, attracting a large number of people.

Fish, star and butterfly lanterns are hung outside a shop.

Depends on size, a lantern can cost VND15,000 ($0.64) or more.

Lanterns with modern motifs and characters are also available for customers to choose from.

Lan, 42, said his family has run a lantern making business for more than 20 years. “I’ve received big orders of lanterns made with bamboo sticks and clear plastic this year,” he said.

Dung, a District 8 resident, said he comes to this street every year to take pictures on request. Since he does not have many customers this year, he will pay more attention to the photo’s quality. Families also bring their children here to have their photos taken.

A kid is holding a fish lantern.

Tam (R) shared that she is a frequent customer here. “Ever year, I come here with my son to take pictures. Since he is busy today, I cam with a friend instead,” she said.

There are many types of lanterns for customers to choose from, including those shaped like a dragon head, drum and lotus.

The Mid-Autumn Festival this year will take place on September 24.

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