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[Illustrations] From Street Snacks To Homecooked Meals, Vietnam’s Diverse Cuisine Illustrated

While bánh mì or cơm tấm are considered quintessential Vietnamese dishes, bowls of homecooked cà ri gà (Vietnamese chicken curry) or thịt kho tàu (caramelized pork and eggs) are also central to the country’s eating culture. 

In this series of illustration and mini postcards, KAA Illustrations, which is comprised of author Phung Nguyen Quang and illustrator Killien Huynh, delves into some of the most iconic street food staples and homecooked meals. The pair are also the people behind the children’s book The First Journey, which won the Scholastic Picture Book Award back in 2015. 

 Take a look at the illustrations below:

A hearty bowl of hủ tiếu, crispy bánh cam (deep-fried rice ball with sweet mung bean filling) and hột vịt lộn (balut egg).

Healthy bún thịt nướng, Vietnamese Tet staple thịt kho tàu and canh khổ qua (bitter lemon soup)

Bánh tét (cylindral Tet rice cake), cơm tấm and cà phê sữa.

Mứt tết (Tet’s assorted jams), bánh mì and bò né.

Bánh tráng trộn (mixed rice paper), watermelon and mooncake

Cà ri gà and bún riêu.

[Illustrations by KAA Illustrations, via their Behance’s album]

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