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[Video] The Hyperlapse of Saigon That Took 2 Years and Over 200,000 Photos to Make

Living in Saigon can feel like being spun in a centrifuge: swirled amongst an overwhelming amount of sights, sounds, smells and experiences at dizzying speeds.

Simply titled Saigon Motion, this time-lapse video by Alex Pham puts visuals to the feeling that life in Saigon runs at insect speed. As night falls on various landmarks, streets become furious streams of car lights; boats laden with construction clutter zip up the Saigon River beneath fast-moving opalescent clouds; New Year’s fireworks scar the sky with neons; during a football match, fans race into Nguyen Hue walking street like a dinoflagellate bloom; and in a more peaceful moment, a man slowly makes his way up a river with florescent light catching sea critters. 

The video posted to Facebook explains that Alex and his brother Minh Tinh spent two years and used over 200,000 photos to create the project. It has already received over 3,000 views and 2,000 shares in the last three weeks.

Check it out below:

Video via Alex Pham’s Facebook.

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