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[Video] PETA Releases Cringeworthy Rap Video Attacking Banh Mi, Pho, Adobo

“Put Some Tofu in It” is so embarrassing it may actually convince people to go out for a plate of pulled pork.

While critics can justifiably have beef with the animal rights organization over their inability to actually save many animals, aggressive tactics and profane advertisements posted in this music video on the PETA Asia Facebook page is simply an offense to good taste. Much like Christian rock, it suggests that certain subjects just can’t be made cool while also underscoring the reality that it’s difficult to rap; and when amateurs try it, the results are never good.

The video was originally made in 2017 but was only posted on Facebook this week and features an uncredited Asian woman with two dancers performing in a supermarket and kitchen. Amongst the more clunky and groan-worthy lines are “I be chilling at my Lola’s condo / nothing vegan but this mango / I see she’s made chicken adobo / and I’m like ‘uh-oh, no-no.'” In addition to bánh mì being heavily featured, the song references phở and warns people against enjoying their soup with a “corpse” in it. The singer even goes as far as suggesting we replace the meat in bánh mì with tofu. Sacrilege!

The video has attracted over a quarter of a million views at the time of writing and the Facebook page comment section is a brutal takedown of the work. Stream it below:

Video via PETA Asia Youtube.

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