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[Photos] Saigon Street Life in 1965 by Bruce Baumler – Part 1

Identifying streets and neighborhoods of Saigon based on old pictures might seem like a skill exclusively reserved for those who have lived through the eras, but at times it’s like a fascinating game of nostalgia jigsaw.

Take these photos of Saigon in 1965 taken by American serviceman Bruce Baumler for example. If an enduring landmark is present, it’s painfully obvious — like the majestic façade of the Saigon Opera House or the eclectic palette of Cao Thang’s shop signage. Otherwise, the power of memory is the only assistant in one’s quest to decipher the true location these street photos were taken.

Have a trip down memory through the images below:

Walking across the Nguyen Thai Hoc-Tran Hung Dao intersection.

Outside Viet Long Cineplex on Cao Thang Street.

A street vendor on Le Loi.

Children at an orphanage.

The exterior of a lounge.

Finishing a lunch with a custard apple.

Meals on the street.

An aerial view of the Tran Hung Dao-Nguyen Thai Hoc intersection.

Lang Cha Ca before its removal in 1983.

The corner of Le Loi and Nguyen Trung Truc.

Knick-knacks on Mac Thi Buoi Street.

A young boy selling balloons.

A rustic drink stall.

Street signs with bold typefaces on Cao Thang.

A hearse stuck in traffic.

The busy Phu Nhuan Intersection.

A flower shop on Nguyen Hue.

Part of the Nguyen Hue Boulevard.

Dai Dong Cineplex on Cao Thang.

A gaggle of kids hanging outside on Dinh Tien Hoang.

A motorized xích lô.

Dashing along Hang Xanh on a stylish Vespa.

[Photos via Redsvn]

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