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[Photos] A Flight Over Da Lat in 1968–1971 Before the Tourism Boom

If you’ve taken a trip to Lam Dong within the last few years, these scenes seem like a distant dream of a sparingly populated and verdant Da Lat that’s engulfed by nature.

These incredible aerial shots were taken by Bill Robie, a US Air Force veteran, in 1968 and 1971. As the plane slid past downtown Da Lat, Robie was able to capture the central Da Lat Market and other famous landmarks in great details, many of which are slated for demolition according to a new urban development plan published not long ago by city officials.

See a bird’s-eye view of old Da Lat below:

The central area of Da Lat before 1975 with the Hoa Binh Theater on the left and Da Lat Market on the right.

Another viewpoint of Hoa Binh Theater.

Xuan Huong Lake.

Pongour Waterfall.

The roundabout in front of Da Lat Market.

An elevated path above a row of kiosks.

Da Nhim Hydroelectric Power Station and dam on the right.

Central Da Lat, surrounded by forests.

Central Da Lat from above.

[Photos by Bill Robie via Redsvn]

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