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KFC Malaysia Launches Fashion Collection for Fried Chicken Fans

A collaboration between KFC Malaysia and local streetwear company Pestle & Mortar Clothing (PMC) puts familiar logos, slogans and images from the iconic fried chicken brand on shirts, hoodies, hats and bags.

Since it was first introduced in Malaysia in 1973, the American fried chicken joint has proven wildly popular with locals. Malaysia is one of the world’s largest markets for KFC with over 600 outlets. Such deep and long-lasting appreciation has produced the type of emotional connection that the popular streetwear company believes deserves homage.

“More than just a design, each garment tells a story of what KFC means to each and every Malaysian, from the beautiful Jalan Larut KFC on a tee, to the playful ‘atuk‘ nickname bestowed upon the Colonel, even right to the pressure cooker, there is a memory that resonates with everyone,” explains Hugh Koh, co-founder and creative director of Pestle & Mortar Clothing.

For their part, KFC recognized the emerging popularity of streetwear clothing in the country and considered the collaborative line, dubbed KFC X PMC, to be a natural fit. “With the rise in the streetwear trend, the idea of collaborating with PMC, a Malaysian streetwear brand known for incorporating current issues and local flavor in their designs, was spot on,” KFC Malaysia’s chief marketing officer, Angelina Villanueva, told the Malay Mail.

Like many attempts to co-opt and capitalize on the creativity of youths, all proceeds will be donated to a charity, Add Hope Malaysia. The group raises funds and provides assistance to underprivileged families, charity facility NGOs, and government bodies in Malaysia. 

The items will be sold this weekend at a trendy shop in a swank Kuala Lumpur shopping mall, and on the PMC website. As of the time of writing, the majority of the collection had sold out online. 

[Photo via Malay Mail]

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