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[Photos] Road Safety Campaign Pokes Fun at Vietnam’s Traffic Offenses

Titled “Traffic in Wonderland,” a road safety campaign features a series of photos taken on Vietnam’s street, with added cheeky drawings.

The project is initiated by KO Coi, a traffic etiquette awareness project belong to Ford Vietnam’s Ford Driving Skills For Life program. The photo series is a collaboration between the organizer with photographer Thang Soi, Pham Thanh Long, Cuong Tran and artist Phan Nguyen.

Re-imagined the roads in Vietnam as a “wonderland” where traffic participants can be likened to fictional characters or animals, the series turn photographs of daily traffic violations and happenings to silly situations, offering subtle critiques on bad behaviors on the road.

The first series of photo in the project focus on the zebra crossing. According to the announcement on KO Coi’s Facebook page, new photos will be uploaded every week and there are different themes coming up in the near future.

In the meantime, have a look at the images from the first theme below:

[Photos via KO Coi’s Facebook album]

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