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The Truth About Alcohol In Vietnam

In Vietnam, beer is available anywhere in the country at reasonable prices – both local brands such as Hanoi Beer, Saigon Beer, and imported brands such as Tiger Beer and Heineken.

However, the most popular alcoholic beverage in the country is the rice wine, which is called in the north of the country “ruou gao” and the south “ruou de”.

A home-brewed non-distilled version is the party wine “ruou can” which is fermented in large ceramic pots and drunk later through long straws.

The snake wine “ruou ran”, which is sold in many stores as a souvenir, one of the so-called medical wines (“ruou thuoc”). The most famous village that raises snake and makes snake wine is Vinh Son.



With amazingly cheap, imported alcohol as Johnny Walker, Remy Martin or martini is almost always are fakes. At best, the buyer gets colored water, at worst, contaminated alcohol, whose consumption often ends up in the emergency room of the hospital.

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