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Eating and Drinking

Bia-HoiTraveling to Vietnam, you are not only having a chance to see such beautiful places but also to enjoy Vietnamese food and drink. In Vietnam, eating can range from cheap noodle soups to banquets in the luxury hotels. In addition, Vietnamese restaurants also serve a lot of international food like Chinese, Japanese, French, and American…

The most famous and typical Vietnamese food you may know is Pho Bo – the noodle soup with beef in it. It is very tasty and not expensive and usually for breakfast. One of the most well-known brands in of Pho Bo is Pho24. For lunch and dinner you can enjoy Com – steamed white rice with many delicious courses like fish, pog…

Fresh fruits such as oranges, dragon fruit, and apples… are widely available. It is recommended that all fruits should be peeled before eaten.

Mineral water in bottle is cheap and available everywhere. It is recommended that you should drink it instead of water or tea with ice on the street or. Don’t take the risk!

In Hanoi and Saigon “Bia hoi” or “draught beer” a kind of beer is very popular and cheap on the street in summer. It’s usually has a lot of people sit together and cheer with “Bia hoi” in a crowded atmosphere. It should not be missed. Beside “bia hoi” you can find other restaurants or bars which serve imported beer such as Carlsberg, Tiger, Heineken or even famous beer from Germany.

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