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Time Travelled in oil exhibition by Michael Hern @ 289E

Michael Hern graduated from Fine Arts in London ON, and N.S.C.A.D. in Halifax, Nova Scotia where he majored in Painting-oil being his medium of choice. After graduation Michael had numerous exhibitions in Seoul, South Korea and continues to do so here in Saigon.

This show has a majority of paintings and drawings done in the past year here in Saigon. Some are inspired from his 10 months of travel last year as well as his return to this city. Despite the incredible places he was able to visit, most of his choices for his compositions are of this city. They come from photos he takes and with some are a mix of locations juxtaposed together. Places like Egypt, Lebanon, India and Saigon seem to work best for the history that is evident on the walls of so many unrenovated buildings and homes. These significant locations, especially in Saigon are becoming rare because of the constant construction for new housing and businesses.

***The exhibition will be showing more than 20 pieces of Michael ‘s work on different materials.

Sun, 9 Feb

7:00pm – 10:00pm

289E | 289e Nguyễn Công Trứ, D1, HCMC

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