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[Photos] Life in the Time of the Masks and Coronavirus

These are strange times we’re all living in.

The coronavirus outbreak is having a huge impact on people’s daily lives at the moment. Prevention, which includes wearing face masks, is key to avoiding contagion. This photo project aims to illustrate this extraordinary situation from an artistic perspective.

Protected from head to toes.

A lady on the pavement of Le Loi Boulevard.

Department stores turn eerie without the usual throngs of customers milling about.

A side-eye is even more effective if they don’t know your identity.

For those who work in public spaces, protective gear is never redundant.

A man lounges inside a pagoda.

Mask is needed in the pool too.

A maintenance worker rest on the street next to a Tet countdown notice.

Face mask is now a part of this family’s kite-flying session.

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