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[Photos] The Small-Town Placidity of Hue in 1966

Details Published on Monday, 25 March 2019 16:00 Written by Saigoneer. Neat perpendicular lines of trees that make up the Imperial Palace, the meandering Perfume River hugging central Hue, clusters of red-roofed houses like tiny Lego pieces scattered across a bed of green: the aerial view of Hue in the …

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[Photos] 13 Black-and-White Shots of Saigon in 1962

Details Published on Monday, 04 March 2019 15:00 Written by Saigoneer. Badass girl power, young love and vintage cars: the streets of Saigon in 1962 seemed much cooler than they are today, when pavements are riddled with debris and construction sites. I don’t think we’ll ever get tired of old …

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[Photos] 17 Photos of 2002 Saigon as Seen From Above

Details Published on Monday, 25 February 2019 16:00 Written by Saigoneer. 2002 might not seem like a long time ago, but Saigon’s urbanscapes have growth so much in the last ten years that these scenes offer some surprising insights into our city 17 years in the past. For one, the …

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[Photos] 10 Remarkable Black-and-White Shots of Saigon in 1967

Details Published on Monday, 11 February 2019 11:00 Written by Saigoneer. Lush bunches of fresh bananas at a market, a street-side merchant selling embroidery artworks to tourists, and Buddhist worshipers praying at a local temple — these Saigon scenes are rather mundane by today’s standards. However, at the time these …

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