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Top 10 things to do

Welcome to Nha Trang. A coastal resort city in Southern Vietnam known for its beaches and offshore islands. What you didn’t know is unlike other destinations, Nha Trang is booming with excellence. It’s like a whole world in just one city. From great journeys to fascinating places. Here are The …

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Bò Né

Vietnam’s version of ‘steak and eggs’, Bo Ne is another common street food which goes down well with western tastes. It is served on a sizzling iron platter and looks, smells, tastes and sounds great! While varying from vendor to vendor, it always comprises a thin slice of beefsteak, fried …

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Bò Kho

Bo Kho is one of the most popular street foods with visitors as it suits the western palate perfectly. It has a very French ‘feel’, be- ing a light beef stew with potatoes and carrots. It is served with a Banh Mi (baguette) or sometimes with noodles and a plate …

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