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Shopping in Viet Nam

Best time to visit Hue

Hue is famous for culture heritage with palaces, Royal Tombs of Kings and Temples. There are many beautiful places in Hue such as rivers, mountains, high hills. Beside historical relisc, Hue was attracted tourists by romantic and poetic landscapes. Perfume River and Ngu Binh mountain are considered s symbol of …

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Best time to visit Hanoi

Hanoi is a capital of Vietnam. Probably, Ha Noi is considered the most beautiful in Asia. Ha Noi will be the first destination for foreigners when coming to Vietnam. Representing tropical monsoon type of Northern of Vietnam, Ha Noi has a hot summer with high rainfall and dry cold winter. …

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Best time to visit Da Nang

  Da Nang City is located in monsoon tropical climate zone. The weather is cool down from December through February. Da Nang’s wet season lasts longly from May to January with annual rainfall levels of 500-1000 millimeters. Most people avoid rain season because you may have to stay in a …

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Top 10 Highlights in Vietnam

  1. Cruise amongst thousands of limestone islands on Halong Bay   Halong Bay in Vietnam   2. Sit with the deaf and mute workers that run the Healing the Wounded Heart shop as they show you how to make your own souvenir.   Healing the Wounded Heart shop   …

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Tailor shops in Hoi An – SHOPPING IN HOI AN

Tailors More than 400 tailors in Hoi An so how to chose? There are many reasons for people to visit Hoi An and for most making tailor made clothes is their list of ‘things to do’ when visiting.BUT… There are more than 400 tailors and still …

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Banh Mi in Hoi An

street food Banh mi in Hoi An: Where and what price? Banh Mi in Hoi An Famous in the whole of Vietnam but particularly good in Hoi An, one can’t visit the town without stopping by one of those street stalls selling bánh mì. (En: Baguette …

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Palm Vietnam Travel: 11 Best Vietnam Experiences

  1. Visit a Remote Ethnic Market Bac Ha Sunday Market and Sapa Tribes, Vietnam   In Vietnam’s northern highlands, ethnic tribes descend from the mountains every week, tramping for miles to sell a water buffalo, haggle over medicinal herbs or bargain for pineapples not much bigger than your fist. …

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