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[Photos] Life in the Time of the Masks and Coronavirus

These are strange times we’re all living in. The coronavirus outbreak is having a huge impact on people’s daily lives at the moment. Prevention, which includes wearing face masks, is key to avoiding contagion. This photo project aims to illustrate this extraordinary situation from an artistic perspective. …

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The Story of Luu Binh and Duong Le

Long ago there were two very close friends. One named Luu-Binh, came from a wealthy family; the other, named Duong-Le, came from a poor family. Knowing that Duong-Le did not have enough money to study, Luu-Binh kindly invited him to come and live with him to help him. Conscious of …

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Hung King Temple Festival

The festival begins with a palanquin procession performed by three villages of Co Tich, Vi Cuong and Trieu Phu. The procession carries bamboo elephants and wooden horses symbolizing the submission of animals to the Kings Hung and the wedding of the Mountain Genie and Princess Ngoc Hoa. Banh chung (square …

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The Story Of Truong’s Wife

The temple to Truong’s wife is located on the side of the Hoang river, village of Vu dien, district Ly Nhan, province of Ha Nam. Here is her story. She married a man of the Truong family. After a half a year, he was conscripted to go and fight a …

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The Making of Silk of Vietnamese

Silk is the most precious finery of the orient. Some say silk was invented so that women could go naked in clothes. A more whimsical tale even credits a fourteen – year old Chinese empress with this invention. For centuries, the wearing of silk was the exclusive right of the …

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Vietnamese Family and Social Culture

Before the late 1980s, nearly all Vietnamese people lived in villages and the cultivation of wet rice was the principal economic activity. The basic component of rural society was the nuclear family, composed of parents and unwed children. Respect for parents and ancestors is a key virtue in Vietnam. The …

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Do Son Buffalo Fighting Festival

The Buffalo Fight in Do Son (Haiphong City) is officially held every year on the 9th day of the eighth month of the lunar calendar. There are, in fact, two rounds of elimination before the middle of the fifth month and 8th day of the sixth lunar month. The preparation …

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The Golden Ax

There was once a very poor man who lived near the forest. He was able to earn enough for a bare existence by cutting firewood, which his wife would barter for rice in the market place. One day, when this man was cutting wood at the river’s edge, the ax …

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Sole Sisters

T wo parallel and loving boatsWith dragon bows and phoenix sternsDouble rows of nailsI carry five boy-lovers per boatAnd ten per pair.But, let you be reproved, you ingrate!Profiting from me, and forgetting meWhat am I? The above riddle refers to a pair of clogs, footwear imbued with symbolic meaning in …

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