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[Photos] Color and Lights: Tet Trung Thu on D5's Lantern Street

Every fall, District 5’s Luong Nhu Hoc Street becomes a melee of lanterns, kids’ toys and dragon dance paraphernalia ahead of the Mid-Autumn Festival. This year was certainly no different, with throngs of selfie-taking teens and wide-eyed kids crowding the area’s many brightly lit shops. But while the usual plethora …

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Vietnamese Cultural House to Open in France in 2018

Details Published on Wednesday, 01 March 2017 13:42 Written by Saigoneer. Starting next year, Parisians won’t need to travel far to get a dose of Vietnamese culture. According to French publication Le Bonbon, a 5,000-square-meter cultural house known as the Alliance Maison Vietnam (AM-VN) is currently in the works and …

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[Photos] Taipei Style: A City of Effortless Cool

Details Published on Wednesday, 05 April 2017 16:19 Written by Saigoneer. Taipei’s street style is an eclectic mix of old Hollywood icons, Japanese minimalism and a whole lot of berets. In a recent photo essay, The New York Times follows the footsteps of photographer An Rong Xu, who spent a …

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Vietnamese Family and Social Culture

Before the late 1980s, nearly all Vietnamese people lived in villages and the cultivation of wet rice was the principal economic activity. The basic component of rural society was the nuclear family, composed of parents and unwed children. Respect for parents and ancestors is a key virtue in Vietnam. The …

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Educational System of Viet Nam in The Past

Because of 1000 years under the cruel domination of Chinese, there are no records which indicate that a formal education system in Viet Nam was established Before Christ or even under the Chinese conquers years from 207 BC to 939 AD. However, Chinese historical documents recorded many excellent Vietnamese scholars …

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Vietnamese Spiritual Life

Spiritual life is a belief or practices irrationally maintained by ignorance or by faith in magic or chance. It is totally unscientific; however, there is a lot of superstitious culture on over the world. Different spiritual life will be found in different countries. Asia which is a cradle of the …

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