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The Justice Department

In order to get any kind of paperwork sorted in Danang, from visas, to work permits, marriage licences or criminal you will need to visit a number of government departments. I have already informed you about the Notarization Office at 270 Tran Phu Street, today I will let you know …

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Motorbike For Sale in Danang

  UPDATE : This motorbike is no longer for sale. There is another motorbike for sale in Danang. This is a Honda (I think it is a Chinese bike) Future Neo 125cc. The bike runs well and is reliable. It has a few electrical issues that could be easily remedied …

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InDanang Housing Services

Dan, Facebook is officially blocked in Vietnam, though I couldn’t tell you why, exactly. However, most everyone from middle school up to university students at least, and probably a good number of young adults use FB in Vietnam. They get around it using proxy servers like those offered by services …

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