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InDanang Housing Services

Dan, Facebook is officially blocked in Vietnam, though I couldn’t tell you why, exactly. However, most everyone from middle school up to university students at least, and probably a good number of young adults use FB in Vietnam. They get around it using proxy servers like those offered by services …

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F#*k You Jack!

It’s no secret that Hoa’s Place will be closing down soon. Ever since I first met Hoa in 2004 he has been telling everyone, “they will kick me out soon”. I heard a rumor last night that Hoa has officially been given 10 days to vacate the now famous Hoa’s …

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Swim Safe Danang

I thought I would share with you a website and organisation that is trying to prevent child drowning in Danang and around the world. Swim Safe aims to raise awareness and run swim safety programs in poor and developing countries. May 2011 sees the organisation focus it’s attention on Danang. …

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