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Palm Vietnam Travel: 11 Best Vietnam Experiences

  1. Visit a Remote Ethnic Market Bac Ha Sunday Market and Sapa Tribes, Vietnam   In Vietnam’s northern highlands, ethnic tribes descend from the mountains every week, tramping for miles to sell a water buffalo, haggle over medicinal herbs or bargain for pineapples not much bigger than your fist. …

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The Story Of Tam And Cam

Long, long ago there was a man who lost his wife and lived with his little girl named Tam. Then he married again a wicked woman. The post The Story Of Tam And Cam appeared first on Vietnamese Culture and Tradition. Source link

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Dan Ty Ba or Four-string Guitar

The Dan Ty Ba is a four-string instrument which is frequently present in a traditional orchestra. Its sound-box is shaped like a pear cut in half lengthwise. Its soundboard is made of unvarnished light wood, and its back is made of hard wood with a slightly convex surface. The neck …

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